Who Buys Our Brand? The Influence of Consumption Values and the Congruity with Brand Benefits on Brand Identification, Trust and Loyalty
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This paper explores how the positive effect achieved when consumption value matches brand benefit can increase brand loyalty. Prior research on consumption value mainly focused on perceived value; these studies omit consumers’ views of consumption value. Therefore, this study examines the effect of congruence between consumption values (functional, emotional, social, and ethical value) and perceived brand benefits (enabling, enticing, symbolic, and socially responsible benefits) on consumers’ brand identification, trust, and loyalty. We find a positive effect on brand identification and brand trust when a consumer’s value is similar to a brand benefit, particularly between functional value and enabling benefit, and ethical value and socially responsible benefit. However, congruence between consumption value and perceived brand benefit only had an indirect effect on brand loyalty by mediating brand identification and trust. This study provides a basis for implementing a marketing strategy to build brand assets and increase brand loyalty by providing consumers with the value they want in a diversified market.
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Theoretical Background
Ⅲ. Methodology
Ⅳ. Research Results
Ⅴ. Findings
Ⅵ. Discussion
#consumption value #perceived brand benefit #brand identification #brand trust #brand loyalty #consumer behavior
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