Placebo Effects of Front and Rear Modifier for brand Revitalization
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Marketers are fed up and confused by the duty on naming their brands and product line continuously. Until now, adding new ingredients or improving of the performance level was the way to manipulate price increase of a present brand. brand revitalization can also exist through the right usage of modifiers to substitute for the liquidated brand. (Sonata -> Sonata2 -> Sonata3 -> EFSonata) the Positioning of the front modifiers such as EFSonata, New Grandeur, Ultra Dry Pampers, and etc. had also successfully grasped the attention. Therefore, we would like to focus our research on whether there is a difference in the effect in the positioning of the front and rear modifrer. Also, if ther is a difference between front and rear modifier placebo effect within the virgin(never have chosen to use the modifier) and marride brand(have chosen to use the modifier). Lsatly, horizomtal(diversity, characterfistics, emotional involvement) positionin of the front and rear modifiers have a placebo effect difference on the utilitarian and hedonic products.


Usage of Various Modifiers
1. Line - up sequence
2. Substitotion sequence

Placebo Effects Rear Modifier brand Revitalization 쏘나타 EF쏘나타 그랜져
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